About ISC
- promoting and co-ordinating world-class research and training in Imaging Sciences    
The Imaging Sciences Centre (ISC) at Imperial is formed in response to the increasing demand and opportunity for close integration of Imaging Sciences Research in Medicine, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences within Imperial College London.  The UK has a strong record in the development and clinical application of new imaging techniques and some of the major fundamental work in Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, and Positron Emission Tomography has been performed within Imperial. The research strength of Imperial College London in Imaging Sciences is recognised both nationally and internationally. The mission of the Centre is to create and maintain a College-wide environment designed to sustain multidisciplinary Imaging Sciences Research at a leading international level.
Advisory Board
Professor Peter Wells, (Chairman) FRS, Institute of Medical Engineering and Medical Physics, Cardiff University
Professor Colin Blakemore, FRS,
Professor Colin Caro, FRCP, Imperial College
Professor David Delpy, FRS, Chief Executive of EPSRC,
Professor Chris Hankin, FCGI, Pro-Rector for Research, Imperial College
Professor Dame Julia Higgins, FRS, Chairman of EPSRC
Professor Paul Matthews, Director GSK, Clinical Imaging Centre
Lord Rees-Mogg
Professor Trevor Stuart, FRS, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College
Professor John Wood, FREng CBE, Principal of Engineering, Imperial College
Steering Committee
Professor David Firmin (Chairman)
Professor David Brooks
Dr Anthony Bull
Professor Colin Caro (Past Chairman 2002-2003)
Professor Sir Ara Darzi
Professor David Edwards
Professor Paul French
Professor Jo Hajnal 
Professor Philip  Hall 
Professor Nick Long
Professor Maria Petrou
Professor Daniel Rueckert
Dr Sandra  Shefelbine 
Professor Spencer Sherwin
Professor Chris Toumazou
Professor Guang Zhong Yang (Past Chairman 2003-2006)