BSN 2010

Program Highlights

Preliminary Conference Program Outline

Day 1

June 7 2010

09:00Opening and Invited Talk 1
Title: A*STAR's Medical Technology Initatives
by Dr. Sze-Wee Tan, Programme Director of A*STAR's Medical Technology Initiatives

Session 1 - Medical Application of BSN

09:45A Pilot Study on Evaluating Recovery of the Post-operative Based on Acceleration and sEMG
by Ming Jiang, Zhelong Wang and Hongyu Zhao
10:15Quantitative Assessment of the Motion of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis with Wearable Inertial Sensors
by Aakanksha Chhikara, Alison McGregor, Lucas Hadjilucas, Andrew Rice and Fernando Bello
10:45Tea Break

Session 2 - Activity Detection and Monitoring

11:00A Device-Orientation Independent Method for Activity Recognition
by Surapa Thiemjarus
11:30Sensor Placement for Activity Detection using Wearable Accelerometers
by Louis Atallah, Benny Lo, Rachel King and Guang-Zhong Yang
12:00Elderly Risk Assessment of Falls with BSN
by Rachel C. King, Louis Atallah, Charence Wong, Frank Miskelly and Guang-Zhong Yang
12:30Multisensor Fusion in Smartphones for Lifestyle Monitoring
by Raghu Ganti, Soundararajan Srinivasan and Aca Gacic

Poster/Demonstration Session 1

13:00 Rapid Prototyping of a Low-Power, Wireless, Reflectance Photoplethysmography System
by Kiing-Ing Wong

Supporting Mobility in Body Sensor Networks
by Bart Braem, Peter De Cleyn and Chris Blondia

Breathing Feedback System with Wearable Textile Sensors
by Edmond Mitchell, Shirley Coyle, Tomas Ward, Noel E. O' Connor and Dermot Diamond

Minimizing Energy Consumption in Body Sensor Networks via Convex Optimization
by Sidharth Nabar, Jeffrey Walling and Radha Poovendran

Environment Control System using Correlation Dimension of Alpha Wave
by Chunsheng LI, Hong WANG, Chong LIU and Haibin ZHAO

An RFID communication system for medical applications
by Marcus Koeny, Marian Walter, Thomas Schlebusch and Steffen Leonhardt

Real-time monitoring of the heart rate response to power output for cyclists
by Joris Lefever, Jean-Marie Aerts and Daniel Berckmans

Off-Body Radio Channel Characterisation Using Ultra Wideband Wireless Tags
by Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan, Akram Alomainy and Yang Hao

Ultrasonic vs. Inductive Power Delivery for Miniature Biomedical Implants
by Alexey Denisov and Eric Yeatman

An introduction to a human motion replication system: integration of sensing and feedback components

by Su-Lin Lee, Mirna Lerotic, Andrea Sani, Yan Zhao, Jennifer Keegan, Yang Hao and Guang-Zhong Yang

Implementation of Context-Aware Distributed Sensor Network System for Managing Incontinence among Patients with Dementia
by Aung Aung Phyo Wai, Siang Fook Foo, Maniyeri Jayachandran, Jit Biswas and Philip Yap

14:00Invited Talk 2
Title: Challenges to In-Home Health Status Monitoring
by Professor Gerd Keiser, NSC Chair Professor of National Taiwan University of Science & Technology

Session 3 - Best Paper Candidates Session

14:45Development of wireless bruxism monitoring device based on pressure-sensitive polymer
by Jung Ho Kim, Padraig McAuliffe, Brian O'Connel, Dermot Diamond and King Tong Lau
15:153D Upper Limb Motion Modeling and Estimation using Wearable Micro-sensors
by Zhiqiang Zhang and Jiankang Wu
15:45Power & Area Efficient Wavelet-Based On-Chip ECG Processor for WBAN
by Xin Liu and Yuanjin Zheng
16:15Tea Break

Session 4 - Upper Torso

16:30An Articulatory Speech-Prosthesis System
by Keng Hoong Wee, Lorenzo Turicchia and Rahul Sarpeshkar
17:00Sound Based Heart Rate Monitoring for Wearable Systems
by Tongtong Zhang, Wee Ser, Yam Thiam Dianel Goh, Jianmin Zhang and Jufeng Yu
17:30Respiratory rate and flow waveform estimation from tri-axial accelerometer data
by A. Bates, M. J. Ling, J. Mann and D. K. Arvind
18:00Movement to Conference Dinner Venue

Conference Dinner

Day 2

June 8 2010

08:30Invited Talk 3
Wireless Health Technology for Ambient Care
by Professor William Kaiser, University of California at Los Angeles

Session 5 - Sports Application

09:15Swimming Stroke Kinematic Analysis with BSN
by Julien Pansiot, Benny Lo and Guang-Zhong Yang
09:45A wireless, unobtrusive Kayak Sensor Network enabling Feedback Solutions
by Dennis Sturm, Khurram Yousaf and Martin Eriksson
10:15Tea Break

Session 6 - Novel Techniques and Applications

10:30Low Power Body Sensor Network for Wireless ECG Based on Relaying of Creeping Waves at 2.4GHz
by Adrian Sapio and Gill R Tsouri
11:00Ratiometric Artefact Reduction in Low Power, Discrete-Time, Reflective Photoplethysmography
by James Alwyn Cameron Patterson and Guang-Zhong Yang
11:30Use of Body Model Constraints to Improve Accuracy of Inertial Motion Capture
by Alexander Young
12:00Tremor acquisition system based on UWB Wireless Sensor Network
by Gaddi Blumrosen, Moshe Uziel, Dana Porrat and Boris Rubinsky

Poster/Demonstration Session 1

12:30 Implementation of Fast Fourier Transform on Body Sensor Networks
by Kevin Shen Hoong Ong, Siew Peng Yue and Keck Voon Ling

A Multiple-hop Synchronization Protocol With Packet Reconstitution
by Zi-fei Chen, Zhi-cheng Li, Bang-yu Huang, Xin Liu and Lei Wang

A Dual Triaxial-Accelerometer Inertial Measurement Unit for Wearable Applications
by Yi-Lung Tsai, Ting-Ting Tu and Pai Chou

Online Data and Execution Profiling for Dynamic Energy-Fidelity Optimization in Body Sensor Networks
by Adam T. Barth, Mark A. Hanson, Harry C. Powell Jr. and John Lach

Does on-body location of a GPS receiver matter?
by Christian Vaitl, Kai Kunze and Paul Lukowicz

Comparing Buetooth HDP and SPP for Mobile Health Devices
by Jad Noueihed, Robert Diemer, Stefanie Biala and Samarjit Chakraborty

Enabling Multiple BSN Applications Using the SPINE Framework
by Raffaele Gravina, Alessandro Andreoli, Alessia Salmeri, Luigi Buondonno, Nikhil Raveendranathan, Vitali Loseu, Roberta Giannantonio, Edmund Seto and Giancarlo Fortino

Continuous Close-Proximity RSSI-based Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
by Gaddi Blumrosen, Bracha Hod, Danny Dolev, Tal Anker and Boris Rubinsky

A Methodology for the Systematic Evaluation of ANN Classifiers for BSN Applications
by Harry C. Powell Jr., Maite Brandt-Pearce, Adam T. Barth and John Lach

A Soldier Health Monitoring System for Military Applications
by Hock Beng Lim, Di Ma, Bang Wang, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, Ravishankar Iyer and Kenneth Watkin

Body and Visual Sensor Fusion for Motion Analysis in Ubiquitous Healthcare Systems
by Mohamed Elsayed, Abubakr Alsebai, Ahmed Salaheldin, Neamat El Gayar and Mohamed ElHelw

Design and Implementation of 3D Positioning Algorithms Based on RF Signal Radiation Patterns for In Vivo Micro-robot
by Le Zhang, Yongxin Zhu, Tingting Mo, Jinlong Hou and Hao Hu

Quality-of-Service in BAN: PER reduction and its trade-offs
by Fabien Masse and Julien Penders

A Framework for Golf Training Using Low-Cost Inertial Sensors
by Ryan Burchfield and S Venkatesan

Clubfoot Pattern Recognition towards Personalized Insole Design
by Cong Liu, Teng Zhang, Guoru Zhao, Tiexiang Wen and Lei Wang

An educational and research kit for activity and context recognition from on-body sensors
by Daniel Roggen, Marc Bachlin, Johannes Schumm, Clemens Lombriser, Gerhard Troester, Lars Widmer and Dennis Majoe

CAPSIL - Common Awareness and Knowledge Platform for Studying and Enabling Independent Living
by Rachel C. King, Joe Dalton, Michael McGrath, Brian Caulfield and Guang-Zhong Yang

14:00Invited Talk 4
Title: Wearable Healthcare: Low Energy SoC based Wearable BSN for a Healthy Life
by Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Session 7 - Novel Sensors and Infrastructures

14:45Simple Barcode System Based on Inonogels for Real Time pH-Sweat Monitoring
by Fernando Benito-Lopez, Shirley Coyle, Robert Byrne, Corinne O'Toole, Caroline Barry and Dermot Diamond
15:15WIreless Non-contact EEG/ECG Electrodes for Body Sensor Networks
by Yu Chi and Gert Cauwenberghs
15:45Development of an intelligent, textile integrated bioimpedance early warning system for patients with increased risk of lung edema
by Thomas Schlebusch, Lisa Rothlingshofer, Saim Kim and Steffen Leonhardt
16:15Novel Packaging Technology for Body Sensor Networks based on Adhesive Bonding
by Torsten Linz, Malte von Krshiwoblozki and Hans Walter
16:45Tea Break
17:00Panel Discussion