BSN Workshop 2007

International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks

March 27-28, 2007
RWTH University, Aachen

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Wednesday, 27 March 2007

Session 1: Communication I
Invited Talk: Challenges in developing body sensors for elite athletes
Stephen Hailes ( University College of London )
Modelling and Characterisation of a Compact Sensor Antenna for Healthcare Applications
 Akram Alomainy, Yang Hao (Queen Mary University of London) and Frank Pasveer (Philips Research Europe )
Performance Analysis of 802.15.4 and 802.11e for Body Sensor Network Applications
 Dave Cavalcanti, Ruediger Schmitt and Amjad Soomro (Philips Research North America )
Low Energy On-Body Communication for BSN
 Hoi-Jun Yoo, Seong-Jun Song, Namjun Cho and Hye-Jeong Kim ( Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Session 2: Smart Textiles
Invited Talk: Wearable Chemo/Bio-Sensors - The Calibration Issue
Dermot Diamond ( Dublin City University )
Bioimpedance Spectroscopy with Textile Electrodes for a Continuous Monitoring Application
Guillermo Medrano, Lisa Beckmann, Nadine Zimmermann, Tim Grundmann, Thomas Gries and Steffen Leonhardt ( RWTH Aachen University )
Contactless EMG Sensors Embroidered onto Textile
Torsten Linz (Fraunhofer IZM), Lena Gourmelon and Geert Langereis (Philips Research Europe )
Bio-sensing textiles - Wearable Chemical Biosensors for Health Monitoring
Shirley Coyle, Yanzhe Wu, King-Tong Lau, Sarah Brady, Gordon Wallace and Dermot Diamond ( Dublin City University )

Session 3: Poster Session

Session 4: On-body Sensors
Invited Talk
 Simon Hoerstrup ( University Hospital Zurich)
Reflective Photoplethysmograph Earpiece Sensor for Ubiquitous Heart Rate Monitoring
Lei Wang, Benny Lo and Guang-Zhong Yang ( Imperial College London )
Multi-Axis Inertial Measurement Units Measuring Human Posture and Motion
 Martin Trächtler (HSG-IMIT), Diana Hodgins (Codicote Innovation Centre), Laurence Kenney ( University of Salford ), Matthias Dienger, Thomas Link and Yiannos Manoli (HSG-IMIT)
 In-Ear Acquisition of Vital Signs Discloses New Chances for Preventive Continuous Cardiovascular Monitoring
Olaf Brodersen, Dieter Römhild, Dietmar Starke, Arndt Steinke (CiS Institut für Mikrosensorik GmbH) and Stefan Vogel ( RWTH Aachen University )
Micro Capacitive Tilt Sensor for Human Body Movement Detection
 Li Zhao and Eric. M. Yeatman ( Imperial College London )


Thursday, 28 March 2007

Session 5: Applications
Invited Talk: Future Perspectives of E-Health
Claus Biermann (Philips)
A System for Wearable Monitoring of Seated Posture in Computer Users
Lucy E. Dunne, Pauline Walsh, Barry Smyth and Brian Caulfield ( University College Dublin)
Ambient and Wearable Sensor Fusion for Activity Recognition in Healthcare Monitoring Systems
Julien Pansiot, Danail Stoyanov, Douglas McIlwraith, Benny Lo and Guang-Zhong Yang (Imperial College London )
Physical Activity Monitoring for Assisted Living at Home
Roozbeh Jafari, Wenchao Li, Ruzena Bajcsy, Steven Glaser and Shakar Sastry (University of California at Berkeley )
Session 6: Wearable Computing
Invited Talk
Gerhard Tröster (ETH Zurich )
BLIG: A New Approach for Sensor Identification, Grouping, and Authorisation in Body Sensor Networks
Jacob Andersen ( University of Aarhus ) and Jakob E. Bardram ( University of Copenhagen )
Approximate Data Collection using Resolution Control based on Context
David Jea, Winston Wu, William Kaiser and Mani B. Srivastava ( University of California at Los Angeles)
Recognizing Soldier Activities in the Field
David Minnen, Tracy Westeyn, Daniel Ashbrook, Peter Presti and Thad Starner (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Probabilistic Parsing of Dietary Activity Events
Oliver Amft, Martin Kusserow and Gerhard Tröster (ETH Zurich )


Session 7: Communication II
Invited Talk: Radio Transceivers: An Enabling Technology for Wireless Healthcare
 Khanh Tuan Le ( Texas Instruments)
An All-Detailed Architecture of a RF Wireless Transmitter
 Mourad Melliti, Salem Hasnaoui (National School of Engineering of Tunis )
Towards Plug-and-Play Interoperability for Wireless Personal Telehealth Systems
 Lars Schmitt, Thomas Falck, Frank Wartena and David Simons (Philips Research Europe )
On-Body Measurements and Characterization of Wireless Communication Channel for Arm and Torso of Human
 Elisabeth Reusens, Wout Joseph, Günter Vermeeren and Luc Martens ( Ghent University )


Session 8: In-body Sensors
Invited Talk: Inductive powering and data transfer of a free moving camera capsule
Bob Puers (K.U.Leuven)

Healthy Aims Overview
Diana Hodgins (European Technology for Business Ltd)
Communication and Control for Reanimating Paralyzed Limbs via a Network of Wireless
Nuria Rodriguez, Jack Weissberg and Gerald E. Loeb (Alfred E Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering)
Minimizing Thermal Effects of In Vivo Body Sensors
Daniel Garrison (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University )




BSN 2007 - Daily Update - Day Two 28th March
Venue: University Hospital Aachen, RWTH Aachen University.
The second day of the BSN conference began with a session on Applications for Body Sensor Networks, followed by a series of presentations on Wearable Computing. The afternoon was comprised of two sessions on Communications and In-Body Sensors. The concluding speeches by Prof. Yang (from Imperial College, London) and Prof. Leonhardt (RWTH) were preceeded by the presentation of The Corscience Young Investigators Award, awarded to Lucy Dunne from Dublin City University for the 'System for Wearable Monitoring of Seated Posture in Computer Users'.

BSN 2007 - Daily Update - Day One 27th March
Dinner at the Coronation Hall inside the historic Aachen Town Hall

BSN 2007 - Daily Update - Day One 27th March
Venue: University Hospital Aachen, RWTH Aachen University.
The first day of the 4th BSN Conference kicked off with a session on Communication, followed by Smart Textiles. The poster session was very popular with all delegates, and the day closed with the On-Body Sensors session.

BSN 2007 - Daily Update - BSN Tutorials 26th March

BSN 2007 - Daily Update - RWTH Aachen

BSN 2007
March 26-28 2007