Newsletter - Sensors for Healthcare

Isowalk is a new walking cane with cutting edge design and wireless
Micro-scale vacuum pumps which could be used in micro-fluidics devices among other things
This is what the deadly cancer looks like, something no one has seen before in human cells
Smart cane that features self propulsion and shock relief with wireless connectivity


Surgeons inmplant bioengineered Vein into the arm of a Kidney patients
A step closer to artificial liver that can be regenerated or grown outside the body
 Tech development driving the future of wireless patient monitoring
Three-day old embryos produced by nuclear transfer.

Scientists produced embryonic stem cells with DNA and a human donor egg
Edible biosensor relies on a sodium ion battery to power wireless communications  
“Living computers,” based on “genetic transistors” that can exist inside human cells

Nanomachines that mimic the function of these amazing natural systems
Swarm of tiny microgrippers used to perform biopsis by John Hopkins doctor 
Carbon Nanotube based sensor measure glucose in saliva, coated by acids

Rat’s kidney that produced urine both in vitro and in vivo,  culturing took only 12 days
  A new smartphone snap-on device that evaluates vision and calculates a prescription
Nanosponges Soak Up Toxins Released by Bacterial Infections and Venom

Electronic films used for implantable applications that dissolve in a specific time frame
"Breathprint" analysis was found as a useful tool in testing health and disease
Engineering artificial ovaries in the lab for hormone replacement therapy for women
The cone (centre of image) aspirates the ionised breath and feeds it into the mass spectrometer (Photo: Peter Rüegg / ETH Zurich)

View through a microscope of cancer tissues treated using the new photodynamic method. (Image: Dario Neri / ETH Zurich)
An interdisciplinary research on personalised medicine that opens many doors for diagnosis
Researchers can measure metabolites of epilepsy medication in breath
New cancer therapy based on light-sensitive molecules, linked to antibodies

An innovative Smartphone App by an Indian entrepreneur tests urine for medical issues
Next-generation clothing monitors your heart, tracks  posture and gives a hug
New Thermoplastic Makes 3-D Printed Skull Implants called OsteoFab are a Reality

Merlin@home monitor  features 24/7 coverage and automatic data transfer
Ultra High Definition 3-D Technology is heading to the Operating room
Sensors, LEDs used to ease precision surgery, developed by Fraunhofer Institute
New “Band Aid” type patch with integrated Bluetooth for tracking pain management  
A novel bone repair paste using coating nanocrystals of calcium phosphate & DNA
An avatar robot works at a patient’s bedside & moves around autonomously
Under a blue light, biotechnologically modified cells implanted in mice produce proteins that could one day be used for treatment purposes. (Photo: Martin Fussenegger / ETH Zurich)
GE to Develop Robotic System Prototype for Tracking, Cleaning Surgical Tools
Regrowing damaged bones with an implantable material made from a blend of plastics
Human cells that can be used to switch on and regulate genes via blue light
"Telerehabilitation” system that allows patients to perform exercises at home
A microfluidics device that can test for 50 substances in blood, e.g. drugs, toxins
Organs-on-a-chip to revolutionize and fast-track drug discovery and development