Newsletter - Sensors for Wellbeing

GiraffPlus is an assisted living system for the elderly

Odors from human skin used to identify melanoma according to a new research
Assistive robot monitoring elders and others who need 24/7 healthcare support
Breathalyzer for diabetes, a noninvasive alternative to drawing a drop of blood

Queen Mary, University have led the largest sequencing study of human disease to date
Neurological implant accurately predicts the likelihood of epileptic seizure
New material for artificial tissue, patch to be seeded with a patientís stem cells
The AMES device, which has just received FDA approval

New device that can aid stroke victims or people with partial spinal cord injuries
Patient privacy concerns over medial data sold through sophisticated means
Credit card companies knew the most about their health habits as survey reveals

A robot with two-way video capability can move between patients on a single unit 
Thermometer & smartphone app to record patientís temperature, access health alerts, etc
 Wireless monitoring and Feedback Device/Software  for Managing Asthma 

New diagnostic technology may lead to individualized treatments for prostate cancer
3-D printing method that mimics natural tissue throgh water droplets containing proteins
Nerve mapping technology allows surgeons to determine the effectiveness of surgery

A microrobot invented by ETH researchers measure how well the eye is oxygenated
Researchers have developed a method that could effectively eliminate bacteria
Effective digestive proteins developed that can be used against coeliac disease

Multi-spectral color sensor  assesses skin abnormalities based on metamers
Blood-cleansing technology developed as a new type of sepsis therapy
Robots will diagnose patients more accurately than medical experts soon

Biodegradable nanoparticles capable of delivering drugs to sites of tissue injury
Larry the vomiting robot spews all over the place, and itís for a good cause
Sensors in clothes to monitor vital signs for illness and warn  for dangerous chemicals