Newsletter - Sensors for Sports

An Apple employee instructs the use of the fingerprint scanner technology built into the iPhone 5S during a media event held in Beijing, China.
LUMOback 3 app New Generation LUMOback 3 Posture Sensor Sports New Improvements over Previous Models
Foodball players wear sensors to monitor sleep in the
North West
iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor hacked by Germany's Chaos Computer Club
New Generation LUMOback 3 Posture Sensor for Sports, new Improvements

We can teach microphones new tricks to use them as medical sensors
Smartphones can process power as biosensors to detect toxins, bacteria & more
Quality and affordable 3D printer with much less hassle and better productivity

Insulin pumps have come a long way since the “backpack” version
A new Lab-Quality Microscope Mounts onto Most Apple iOS Devices
An innovative artificial skin that has the touch sensitivity of a human fingertip 
Samsung mind control device


EEG cap than can expand the number of ways to interact with your mobile devices.
Sprinting shoe augmented with the Imperceptible On-body Sensor Node
Imperial team on sport sensors at MIT as part of the BSN 2013 conference

Honda's robotics technology tested in a mock home at the Miraiken (National Museum of Emer...

Floors that can prevent theft through pressure sensors and button-less cars are coming
Honda teaming up with another Japanese company that may soon become better known 

Near Field Communication penetrating the smartphone & medical markets